Miss Harriet & Miss Elsa-Stina

Pre-order starts today! We are proud to announce that Wonderwall has the exclusively release of Mrs Mighetto’s signed & limited new prints, miss Harriet and miss Elsa-Stina. 

 This supersize in one of our favourite, 70 x 100 cm, if you got the space. The two 'Wondergirls' are signed on the front and numered in limited edition of 450 prints. 

It may seem sad and depressed, but we like the fact that there is light even when it feels difficult. For such is life.

Miss Elsa-Stina
It aches, gnawing away a hole in your stomach. The hole only gets bigger, the inner turmoil grates away at a wounded soul. It is a pain that does not subside with time, but rather that evolves, changes shape; eventually becoming part of both life and mourning. Elsa-Stina offers ways of managing this pain and moving on. She shares bundles of feelings, experiences and memories to ease the burden, to gain some closure, to help you to see the light once more.

And her gift is to be the voice of consolation...

Miss Harriet
The night is dark and damp. All that can be seen is a thin wisp of vapour, warm breath in the cold night air. Harriet is concentrating, focused on her work. Her magic works through the power of thought, but is futile without the right conditions.
Harriet works at night, her gift is to be the voice of consolation when asked of her; for one can rarely explain why things happen, nor the sense of injustice that follows. Consolation is all that remains.

For more questions visit;  wonderwall.se where you may pre-order both of the girls. 
Thank you !
/Malin & Anna