Lenovo Yoga Book

Yoga Book from Lenovo is a 2-in-1 tablet, a nice combination between a laptop and a tablet. We got the opportunity to try one for a couple of weeks. It’s light and easy to bring, which makes it usable also when you’re on the go and it’s equipped with features that facilitates a creative lifestyle.

This little hybrid is for example perfect when you want your sketches to appear right on the screen – when you write or draw with its Real Pen on real paper, the Yoga Book digitalize it for you right away, making it smooth to put together, save and share your ideas.

If you rather draw and design instead of write, Yoga Book has got a feature called Create Pad, which appear on the keyboard when it is turned off. The Create Pad works as a digital sketchpad, where you can work with two hands: one hand selecting tools on the screen, and the other drawing on the Create Pad with Real Pen. A great thing with that is that you can see your work appear on the screen while drawing, without having your hand concealing it.

We had so much fun with Lenovo Yoga Book! 


See the full movie HERE 

See the full movie HERE.

See the full movie HERE.